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[ScreenOS] Accessing your Juniper firewall device using the WebUI

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The Juniper firewall can be accessed using the WebUI.  Helpful links are also included for connecting the device to a network and managing IP addresses.

Connect your Juniper firewall device to an Ethernet port on a workstation or network hub/switch. For more information on connecting your Juniper firewall device to a network, select your firewall model from the following link, Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide, and refer to the Section titled: Installing and Connecting the Device.

If this is the first time you are using the WebUI, in the browser Address box, enter the default manage IP address:

If you have previously configured a Manage IP for the device, enter that IP address.

From the Enter Network Password dialog box, enter your User Name and Password.
The default user name and password is netscreen.

Click OK.

The Juniper firewall WebUI will now open. For more information about configuring a Manage IP address, refer to the following links:

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