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Configuring Email Alert Notifications for NetScreen FW devices

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Below contains a brief explanation of the default notification settings along with a step-by-step description on how to configure Email Alert Notifications for the NetScreen FW.


Note: This article applies to ScreenOS 4.0 and higher.

By default, emergency, alert, critical, and notification messages can be sent to an email address. Included in notification messages are traffic logs and configuration changes. However, due to security reasons, configuration changes are not designed to be sent via email. The only notification messages that are sent via email are traffic logs. Configuration change messages are only logged to the event log, internal on the device.

To configure email alert notifications on your NetScreen, perform the following steps:

Step one: Open the WebUI. For more information on accessing the WebUI, go to Accessing Your NetScreen using the WebUI.

Step two: From the NetScreen options menu, click Configuration, select Report Settings, and then click Email.

Image of step two

Step three: Click to select Enable E-mail Notification for Alarms.

Image of step three and four

Step four: Click to select Include Traffic Log.

Step five: Enter the SMTP Server Name.

Image of step five and six

Step six: In the E-mail Address 1 and E-mail Address 2 text boxes, enter the email addresses you wish to receive notifications.

Step seven: Click Apply.

Image of step seven

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