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[Archive] Generating a Certificate on a NetScreen-Remote Client

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Generating a Certificate on a NetScreen-Remote Client


Note: This article applies to:
  • NetScreen Series devices
  • SSG Series devices
  • ISG Series devices
  • J Series devices running:
    • JUNOS 9.4 and above
    • JUNOS with Enhanced Services 8.5 through 9.3

To generate a certificate on a NetScreen-Remote Client, perform the following steps:

Step one: From the System Tray, right-click on the NetScreen-Remote icon, and then click to select Certificate Manager.

Image of step one

Step two: From the Certificate Manager, click Request Certificate.

Image of step two

Step three: If an online certificate enrollment CA has not been configured, the following message will be display. Click Yes to continue to Step 4.

Image of step three

Step four: Enter your information in the Certificate Request form. Also, enter a filename (in the Request File section) to store the certificate request information. The request will be saved as a .req file.
  • If using NSR 8.2r1, do not enter a value for the IP Address field. Doing so will result in receiving a log event error of invalid RSA signature. If the error is received, generate a new certificate request using a DNS Name and/or Email Address.
  • If the CA requires fields that are not shown or a different format, check the box Enter Subject Name in LDAP format (located in the Subject Name section) and enter the full Domain Name.

Note: Contact your Certificate Authority to determine which fields are required. The Domain Name and/or Email must match the value configured for the user authentication on the NetScreen device.

Image of step four

Step five: Click OK.

Step six: Submit the certificate request file to your Certificate Authority.

Step seven: Now you are ready to import a certificate into the NetScreen-Remote Client. For more information, go to Importing Certificates into the NetScreen-Remote Client.
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