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[ScreenOS] How do I load or upgrade my license key via the WebUI or the Command Line Interface (CLI)?

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Steps to load new license keys or license keys from a RMA'd device.
How do I load or upgrade my license key via the WebUI or the Command Line Interface (CLI)?

For loading license keys, the WebUI is simpler. Both sets of instructions are provided below:

WebUI instructions:

 Select Configuration > Update > ScreenOS/Keys.

 Select the License Key Update option.


 Click Browse.  Navigate to the file location and select the license key file; then click Open.

 Click Apply. This process takes a few minutes.  The next time you log on, the new license appears in the License Information box.

CLI instructions (using telnet or SSH or directly connected to the Firewall device.

  Open the CLI. For more information on how to open the CLI, go to Accessing the Command Line Interface Using Telnet.

  Enter the following command to load a version 2 license key, and then press ENTER:

exec license-key [license key]
jp_ns5gt_adsl-wlan-> exec lic 2lLnNlIDMjDsODKSmUyP+vDg5t+23VeNCXr2NyPGPtJfA9Cq024XE/NNUnbIKGWQggJY9

You have to reset the device to activate the license key.

note: The equal sign (=) or the key name is NOT used when loading version 2 license keys. Simply put the string of characters, with no CR/LF, in the [license key] field. 

 If you have a version 1 license key, which is 16 characters in length and is only loaded on ScreenOS 4.0.0 and below, then enter the following command:

For the Capacity Key:
set envar capacity_key=[license key]

For the HA/NSRP Key:
set envar nsrp_key=[license key]


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