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Missing interfaces and Mapped IPs on backup unit

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NetScreen Redundancy Protocol (NSRP) running Some VSYS configurations synchronized Missing interfaces and Mapped IPs on backup unit Interfaces and MIPs on one of VSYS not synchronizing Master and slave configurations are different
Interface inside VSYS has no VSD associated with it

Define the interfaces for the VSYS with a VSD identity.  The interface must be re-defined.

  1. Unset the VSYS.  From the command line interface (CLI):


get vsys [Enter]

Make a note of the VSYS ID corresponding to the VSYS name where the interface is not synchronizing to the backup unit. 


Assumption: VSYS Name is Test, and the VSYS ID is 10.  VSYS Test includes trust/10 and untrust/10 sub-interfaces.  These need to be bound to VSD 10.

From the CLI:


unset vsys Test [Enter]

set vsys Test vsd 10 [Enter]

set interface trust/10 ip  tag 10 vsd 10 [Enter]

set interface untrust/10 ip tag 20 vsd 10 [Enter]

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