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[ScreenOS] Where do I set the external default gateway?

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This article provides information on how to set the external default gateway.

How to set the external default gateway.


To set the external default gateway, perform the following steps:

Open the WebUI. For more information on accessing the WebUI, refer to KB4317 - [ScreenOS] Accessing your Juniper firewall device using the WebUI .

 From the ScreenOS options menu, click Network, select Routing, and then click Destination:

 Click New:

Image of step three

 In the Network Address / Netmask text fields, type

Image of step four

Select the Gateway radio button:

Image of step five and six

 From the Interface drop-down menu, select an interface. In the Gateway IP Address text field, type the default gateway IP address.

Note: In this example, 'ethernet3' is bound to the untrust interface and '' is the Internet router's IP address.

Click OK:

Image of step

Note: All routes must be entered via the routing table by using the 'set route [x.x.x.x/x]' command.

Via the CLI:
set route interface ethernet3 gateway
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