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How Do I Shutdown a Juniper Networks NetScreen-IDP Appliance?

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Last Updated: 12 Aug 2010
Version: 3.0

How Do I Shutdown a Juniper Networks NetScreen-IDP Appliance?

IDP-100 IDP-500 Shutdown Reboot Per our R&D,' the unusual shutdown procedure is "due to a glitch with the serial output. If' we do not redirect console output to the serial cable, this is not needed" NetScreen-IDP appliance' does re-direct the have to do the procedure outlined below


To shutdown a Juniper Networks NetScreen-IDP appliance, perform the following steps:

From the command prompt, enter reboot; press ENTER.The system is going down for reboot now! is now displayed.Enter exit; press ENTER.All of the reboot processes are hidden and are performed in the background. The NetScreen-IDP appliance will not shut down until you type exit at the next system prompt. The screen will go blank and then a cursor will pop-up at the top corner. Wait until it disappears and then turn off the machine.To reboot the NetScreen-IDP appliance, enter reboot:reboot; press ENTER.


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