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This article shows how to create a default route and enter configuration and gateway parameters in ScreenOS.
Cannot find a default gateway option in the ScreenOS WebUI. Cannot go out to the Internet.

To define a default route in ScreenOS, perform these steps:

Open the WebUI. For more information on accessing the WebUI, go to Accessing Your NetScreen Using the WebUI.

From the ScreenOS options menu, click Network, select Routing, and click Destination.

From the Destination page, click New for the Virtual router where you want to create a default route.

From the Configuration page, in the Network Address / Netmask text boxes, enter / 0

Click to select Gateway,

In the Gateway IP Address text box, enter the address of your Internet router.

From the Interface drop-down menu, click to select your outbound interface.

Select the preference option.

 Click OK.
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