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I want to connect 2 ISPs to my Netscreen 204.

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Knowledge Base ID: KB6267
Last Updated: 20 Feb 2013
Version: 5.0

I want to connect 2 ISPs to my Netscreen 204.

  • Each Internet zone will have its own ISP default g/w connection.
  • Multiple ISPs

Symptoms & Errors:
  • Cannot set an Internet default g/w on the Trust vr, only can be done on the Untrust vr.
  • Cannot set multiple gateways


2 separate ISP connections can terminate on the same NetScreen-204 or NetScreen-208, by separating the virtual routers, so that one connection uses the default trust-vr, while the other connection uses the untrust-vr.

A White Paper has been written to discuss implementation of this. Please click

Implementing 2 Separate Internet Connections for 2 Separate Internal Zones on USGA OS 3.10rx


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