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How Do I Erase the System Configuration Using the CLI?

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How Do I Erase the System Configuration Using the CLI?



  • Configuration
  • Unset all
  • Erase configuration

Symptoms & Errors:

  • Need to erase all existing configuration
  • Corrupted configuration

note: This solution applies to all Firewall ScreenOS versions.  Note: Only the configuration file is reset to the default status.  All other aspects of the system remain, such as port modes, license keys, AV and DI databases, and attack databases.  To reset the entire device to Factory Default, including removing license keys and databases, consult  KB4749.

note: It is recommended to perform this operation using the console connection method so you can then see the boot up messages appear on the console.

To erase the system configuration using the CLI, perform the following steps:

Connect to the device with a console connection. For more information about accessing the device with a console connection, select your product from the list below:

From the CLI, enter unset all; press ENTER.

When prompted for Erase all system config, are you sure y/[n]; press y.

Enter reset; press ENTER

When prompted for Configuration Modifies, save; press n

When prompted for System Reset, Are you sure; press y.

note: Upon the system reboot, the configuration will be reverted to the factory default.

note: The default IP address of the NetScreen device is, the admin name is netscreen and the password is netscreen.

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