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[ScreenOS] How do I synchronize configs for NSRP?

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How do I synchronize configs for NSRP?

  • How do I check if the configurations are synchronized for NSRP?
  • If the output of the 'exec nsrp sync global-config check-sum' reports 'configuration out of sync'. 
  • How do I sync the configs?


  • FW1 is the Master
  • FW2 is the Backup/slave
  • You have determined that FW1 has the correct working config, and you want FW2's config to be sync'd from FW1

To sync the configs, enter the following command on FW2:
nsisg2000(B)-> exec nsrp sync global save

The following will be reported shortly after you enter the above command, to see the messages you need to be logged in using a console connection:
nsisg2000(B)-> load peer system config to save
Save global configuration successfully.
Continue to save local configurations ... Save local configuration successfully.
Please reset your box to let cluster configuration take effect!

Then FW2 needs to be reset for the configuration to take affect. 

IMPORTANT:  If you are prompted to save the configuration after you enter the reset command, answer n (No).  Then, proceed with the reboot by answering y (Yes).
nsisg2000(B)-> reset
nsisg2000(B)-> Configuration modified.  Save? [y] y/n  n
nsisg2000(B)-> System reset? Are you sure? y/n  y

When FW2 boots back up, the configs will be in sync.

To confirm that the firewalls are in sync, refer to KB6359: How do I check if the Active/Passive NSRP pair configurations are in sync?

If you want to know which commands are not sync'd between firewalls, refer to KB5417 - What commands are not synchronized from one firewall to the other in a NSRP cluster?
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