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How to determine if an RMA is required

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This article steps you through a series of questions to help determine if an RMA is required. 


Before an RMA can be issued, answers to the following questions are required to determine if replacing the device will resolve the issue. 

  1. Does the power light come on?
    • Yes - Continue with Step 2.
    • No - Try another power cable and outlet that has been confirmed to work with another device.  Jump to Step 5.
  2. If your device has a status light, does it blink green?
    • Yes - Continue with Step 3.
    • No - Jump to Step 5.
  3. Do you have access to the console?
    • Yes - Is there any output on the console? If so, save the information to a file.
      Additionally capture the Request Support Information (RSI) output if the device is running Junos, or capture the get tech output if the device is running ScreenOS.
      Continue with Step 4.
    • No - Continue with Step 4.
  4. Is the link light on when an interface is connected?
    • Yes - Continue with Step 5.
    • No - Try a different switch/hub port and another cable that has been confirmed to work with another device.
  5. Open a case at Request Support, and include the answers to the following questions:

    • Has any new equipment been added to the network recently?
    • If you recently upgraded or downgraded software, were you seeing issues prior to the upgrade or downgrade?
    • Does traffic flow through the device? 
    • About how long did the system run before failure? 
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