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Where to find the Juniper End of Life Product List?

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Where to find the End of Life (EOL) Product List and Milestones.


What is the URL link to:

  • Identify the latest version of software supported for my Juniper device

  • Identify older or obsoleted products

  • Find software release dates and milestones

  • EOS and EOL policies and procedures


The link below provides important information relevant to each software and hardware release; as well as the End of Life (EOL) and End of Support (EOS) Notification Policy and Procedures

Note: There are two tabs under End of Life Products & Milestones, (1) Hardware and (2) Software.   Select either Hardware or Software  tab to view the End of Life and End of Support dates for all hardware and software  products respectively. Each tab contains the Technical Support Bulletin Notification and the Software Release and End of Support (EOS) Dates & Milestones table. 

The Technical Support Bulletin Notifications are the notices associated with each product.  These notices include: software release notification, End of Life Reminder, Hardware End of Life Announcement or any recommended procedures or technical update on the product. You can subscribe to these notices via the 'Manage Subscriptions' page (the link can be found under Account options). For additional details on setting up a subscription, read KB980 -Subscribe to email notifications for Technical Bulletins (TSB), Security Advisories (JSA), Problem Reports (PR), Knowledge Base (KB) articles and more

The END OF LIFE data is also available by searching the serial number using the Serial Number Entitlement Tool (the link can also found under Related Content on the MyJuniper dashboard).

Modification History:

2018-12-05: Link to serial number entitlement tool added to the solution.

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