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[Archive] Cannot configure VIP Same As Untrust

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Cannot configure VIP Same As Untrust
MIP is configured to the Untrust Interface IP Address Cannot configure VIP Same As Untrust Error Message: Cannot generate specified configuration setting.  Please check your input and try again

If there is a MIP defined with the same IP address as the Untrust Interface IP address, VIP Same As Untrust cannot be configured.  In order to resolve this, remove the policy referencing the MIP.  Then, remove the MIP.  This will allow you to configure the VIP Same As Untrust.

WebUI Instructions:

  1. Click Policy
    1. Find the policy that includes the MIP on the untrust interface, and remove it
  2. Click Network > Interface
    1. Click Edit on the Interface where the original MIP is defined on
    2. Click MIP
    3. Click Remove
    4. Click VIP
      1. Click Same as the untrusted interface address and click Add
      2. Configure any new VIP Services needed

An incoming policy can now be added for the VIP Same As Untrust configured above.

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