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Problems Registering a Device
  • Need to register device in order to download software
  • Registration fails
  • Error Code 10B
  • There was an error registering your product

The following are error codes you may experience if the attempt to register a product fails:

Error Code




Our Records indicate that the model number you entered does not match the serial number

Verify the serial number and product model number, located at the back of the chassis, or on the bottom of the chassis.  Product Model numbers are usually of the format NS-XXX-XXX


This product has been registered before.  Only one online registration is allowed.

This product has been registered before.  Unless you have a valid support certificate number, this serial number can only be registered once.  You cannot re-register a product.  The only exception to this is if you are registering a support certificate number as a renewal or extension of an existing support contract.


We have no record of this support certificate number

Support certificate number is invalid.  Verify the support certificate number you entered is correct.


This product is currently registered under another customer

The same product cannot be registered by two different customers.  Contact Customer Service for more information at (800)638-8296, or for international customers, (408)543-2100, and choose option 1 for Customer Service.

If you are still experiencing problems registering your product, contact Customer Care.

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