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RTO's for Multicast Routes (mroute) Are Not Sync'd Across in NSRP

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In NSRP Active-Passive environment, upon failover, multicast traffic will not resume until at least 30 seconds later

In the event of a failover via NSRP, multicast traffic will be dropped, and will not resume for 30 seconds.  This causes application time outs, and will force administrator to manually force quit applications, in order to resume communications.  The same does not occur with OSPF or BGP.


RTO (Run Time Objects) for multicast routes are not sync'd across an NSRP cluster.  For this reason, when an NSRP failover occurs, the multicast routes have to re-built on the NetScreen device, and on adjoining multicast devices (i.e. switches, routers, other firewalls).  The time to re-build the routes will be approximately the join prune interval.

Additional Concerns: When you configure PIM in an NSRP environment, make sure PIM is configured on all active interfaces.


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