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Authentication via SecurID Succeeds First Time but Fails on Subsequent Connections

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Using RSA SecurID for authentication portion in an Xauth VPN.  Deleted the node_secret file, but it does not solve the problem.

Authentication passes once, but all subsequent connections fail.  Debug auth all shows


## 15:50:35 : fill_node_secret_info: getting secret from file flash:node_secret.ace
## 15:50:35 : Could not open file: flash:node_secret.ace

When trying to do a get file flash:/node_secret.ace, the NetScreen responds back with the following:

Cannot open file flash:/node_secret.ace

The problem here was the file node_secret.ace was deleted from the NetScreen's file system, but there was no placeholder to load the node secret file.  The first connection succeeded, and the NetScreen was attempting to store the node_secret file in its cache, but was unable to. 

A reboot of the NetScreen forces the node_secret.ace file to be reserved in a space in the file system.  A good way to check that the node_secret.ace file has a space reserved is to do a get file flash:/node_secret.ace immediately after a reboot is done.  If a file exists, with size 0, you are in good shape.

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