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Mode Config Options (IP, DNS, WINS) Not Being Used in XAuth Dial Up VPN

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Requirement when using XAuth Dial-Up VPN, for assigning specific IP addresses to individual users based on usernames.  Using external authentication server for xauth user authentication
When using external xauth authentication, the IP, DNS, and WINS address are not being allocated to the Virtual Adapter on the PC

When using external authentication, the static IP, DNS, and WINS options within the user authentication screen will not be used.  Those options will be ignored when using Radius, or SecurID for user authentication.  If specifying static IP per user is required, use local authentication, or have the external authentication server send the IP address information to the VPN client.

If using the external authentication server to allocation the IP, DNS, and WINS information, enable the Query Client Settings or Query Remote Settings option (this will tell the NetScreen to query the external auth server for the IP, DNS, and WINS options).

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