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RIP updates not being received by the NetScreen

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RIP updates being received by the Cisco router, but RIP updates are not being received by the NetScreen
Event log messages state "RIP Neighbor Down"

You will see the log message "rip: neighbor down" if you don't have the appropriate network being advertised through RIP.  In one particular case, the router only had the connected route included in the router statement:

router rip


 However, in this scenario, the router on was directly connected to  Make sure you have the network you want advertised via RIP included in the network statement on the Cisco router.


router rip

In this example, will be propagated into the NetScreen.  The relevant route table on the NetScreen would look like this:

NS25-> get route

Dest-Routes for <untrust-vr> (0 entries)
H: Host C: Connected S: Static A: Auto-Exported I: Imported R: RIP P: Permanent
iB: IBGP eB: EBGP O: OSPF E1: OSPF external type 1
E2: OSPF external type 2

Dest-Routes for <trust-vr> (10 entries)
   ID          IP-Prefix      Interface         Gateway   P Pref    Mtr     Vsys
*   2           eth1   H    0      0     Root
*   3           eth2   C    0      0     Root
*   6           eth3   H    0      0     Root
*   5           eth3   C    0      0     Root
*   4           eth2   H    0      0     Root
*   1           eth1   C    0      0     Root
*  13           eth3   R  100      2     Root


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