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Download ScreenOS Updates From the Web

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Download ScreenOS Software From the Web



 note: For this example, ScreenOS 6.1 will be downloaded for a SSG-5.

To download ScreenOS updates from the web, perform the following steps:

From the Juniper home page, select Support from the navigation bar across the top of the page.

 Select the ScreenOS link under Download Software:

Login to the Customer Support Center.  For help with creating a CSC account, refer to KB10910.

The system allows Software Downloads for registered products that are covered by a software contract.  For help with registering your products, refer to KB10910.

NOTE:  If you do not know your serial number, leave all fields blank and click Search.
If you have several registered products, enter in a product search criteria to narrow the search results.

Click Download for the device you want to update.

If the Software Download Disclaimer screen is displayed, click Agree.

Click on the version that you want to download.

IMPORTANT:  The link at the top of the page, labeled 'Recommended ScreenOS Versions', contains a chart of the ScreenOS branches that JTAC recommends. These are the most stable and mature.  For example, for the SSG-5, let's say the 'Recommended ScreenOS' chart says 6.1.0.  Therefore, select the 6.1.0 link for the SSG-5, then select the latest maintenance release (i.e. 'r' release) for that 6.1.0 branch, which may be 6.1.0r4. Maintenance releases contain bug fixes, not new features. It is best to get the lastest 'r' release for the ScreenOS version recommended.

Click the Software Tab to display the software releases available to download.  Then click the 'r' release that you want to download, i.e. SSG-5_6.1.0r4 Upgrade.

From the File Download dialog box, click Save

From the Save in drop-down menu, click to select Desktop, and then click Save

From the Windows desktop, double-click the firmware update zip file.  In his example, it is

From the WinZip Wizard - Welcome dialog box, click Next

From the WinZip Wizard - Select Activity dialog box, click to select Unzip or Install from, and then click Next

From the WinZip Wizard - Unzip dialog box, click to select Display file icons after unzipping, and then click Unzip Now

note: The unzipped update file will display

note: For more information on upgrading your Juniper NetScreen firmware via web management, to go Upgrading ScreenOS via Web Management

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