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[ScreenOS] What are the actual traps that fall under the trap types that are mentioned in the ScreenOS C & E guide?



Article ID: KB7990 KB Last Updated: 04 Feb 2013Version: 5.0
This article provides information about the different firewall traps and their associated trap types.
The following table in the C & E guide lists the possible alarm types and their associated trap numbers. What are the actual alarm traps that fall under each trap type?

Trap Enterprise ID Description:

  • 100 Hardware problems

  • 200 Firewall problems

  • 300 Software problems

  • 400 Traffic problems

  • 500 VPN problems

  • 600 NSRP problems

  • 800 DRP problems

  • 900 Interface failover problems

  • 1000 Firewall attacks

For ScreenOS 6.3 traps, refer to the 6.3 MIBs file, refer to the following link (this zip file contains the NS-TRAPS.MIB, which displays all the traps, when it is opened with a text editor or SNMP software):

Trap Types 100 through 1000

Hardware related alarms 100

device-dead(19) device not working
low-memory(20) memory low
generic-HW-fail(22) Fan, Power Supply failure
cpu-usage-high(30) CPU usage is high

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Security related alarms 200


User Authentication Fail

winnuke(4) Winnuke pak
syn-attack(5) Syn attack
tear-drop(6) tear-drop attack
ping-death(7) Ping of Death attack
ip-spoofing(8) IP spoofing attack
ip-src-route(9) IP source routing attack
land(10) land attack
icmp-flood(11) ICMP flooding attack
udp-flood(12) UDP flooding attack
port-scan(16) Port Scan attack
addr-sweep(17) address sweep attack  
policy-deny(18) Deny by policy attack 
ids-component(400) block java/active-x component
ids-icmp-flood(401) icmp flood attack
ids-udp-flood(402) udp flood attack
ids-winnuke(403) winnuke attack
ids-port-scan(404) port scan attack
ids-addr-sweep(405) address sweep attack
ids-tear-drop(406) tear drop attack
ids-syn(407) syn flood attack
ids-ip-spoofing(408) ip spoofing attack
ids-ping-death(409) ping of death attack
ids-ip-source-route(410) filter ip packet with source route option
ids-land(411) land attack
syn-frag-attack(412) screen syn fragment attack
tcp-without-flag(413) screen tcp packet without flag attack
unknow-ip-packet(414) screen unknown ip packet 
bad-ip-option(415) screen bad ip option
ids-block-zip(431) HTTP component blocking for .zip files
ids-block-jar(432) HTTP component blocking for Java applets
ids-block-exe(433) HTTP component blocking for .exe files
ids-block-activex(434) HTTP component blocking for ActiveX controls
icmp-fragment(435) screen icmp fragment packet  
too-large-icmp(436) screen too large icmp packet  
tcp-syn-fin(437) screen tcp flag syn-fin set
tcp-fin-no-ack(438) screen tcp fin without ack

- avoid replying to syns after excessive 3 way TCP handshakes from same

- src ip but not proceeding with user auth. (not replying to username/password)

ids-ip-block-frag(440) ip fragment  
attact-malicious-url(32) Microsoft IIS server vulnerability
session-threshold(33) session threshold is exceeded
vpn-replay-attack(42) VPN replay detected

Software related  alarms 300

illegal-cms-svr(13) Illegal server IP to connect to CMS port 
url-block-srv(14) URL blocking server connection alarm
dns-srv-down(21) DNS server unreachable
lb-srv-down(23) Load balance server unreachable
log-full(24) log buffer overflow  
x509(25) X509 related  
vpn-ike(26) VPN and IKE related
admin(27) admin realted
sme(28) Illegal src ip to connect to sme port
dhcp(29) DHCP related
ip-conflict(31) Interface IP conflict
ssh-alarm(34) SSH related alarms  
allocated-session-threshold(51) allocated session exceed threshold 

Traffic Alarms 400  

traffic-sec(1) Traffic per-second threshold
traffic-min(2) Traffic per-minute threshold

VPN Alarms 500  

vpn-tunnel-up(40) VPN tunnel from down to up   
vpn-tunnel-down(41) VPN tunnel from up to down
vpn-l2tp-tunnel-remove(43) VPN tunnel removed
vpn-l2tp-tunnel-remove-err(44) VPN tunnel removed and error detected
vpn-l2tp-call-remove(45) VPN call removed
vpn-l2tp-call-remove-err(46) VPN call removed and error detected

NSRP Alarms 600   

nsrp-rto-up(60)  NSRP rto self unit status change from up to down
nsrp-rto-down(61) NSRP rto self unit status change from down to up   
NSRP track ip successed
nsrp-trackip-failed(63) NSRP track ip failed
nsrp-trackip-failover(64) NSRP track ip fail over
nsrp-inconsistent-configuration(65) NSRP inconsistent configuration between master and backup
nsrp-vsd-init(70) NSRP vsd  group status change to elect
nsrp-vsd-master(71) NSRP vsd  group status change to master
NSRP vsd  group status change to primary backup
nsrp-vsd-backup(73) NSRP vsd  group status change to backup
nsrp-vsd-ineligible(74) NSRP vsd  group status change to ineligible
NSRP VSD group status change to inoperable
nsrp-vsd-req-hearbeat-2nd(76) NSRP VSD request heartbeat from 2nd HA path
nsrp-vsd-reply-2nd(77) NSRP VSD reply to 2nd path request
nsrp-rto-duplicated(78) NSRP duplicated RTO group found

Drp Alarms 800  

route-alarm(205)   Errors in route module (exceed limit, malloc failure, add-perfix failure etc)
osfp-flood(206)  LSA/Hello packets flood in OSPF, route redistribution exceed limit
rip-flood(207) Update packet floods in RIP

Interface Failover Alarms 900  

nsrp-trackip-failover(64) NSRP track ip fail over

IDP Alarm 1000

No detailed Alarm ID listed in MIB files.

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