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Which version of Windows supports the NetScreen Remote Client (NSR)?

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This article provides information about the Windows versions that support NetScreen-Remote VPN and NetScreen-Remote Security client.


Is the version of NetScreen-Remote supported on this version of Windows?

When installing NSR on Vista 64-bit, the Warning: Failed to install adapter error messge was generated. Vista 64-bit operating system is not a supported platform.




Unfortunately, there are no plans to distribute or create any versions of NetScreen Remote that will support any Windows 64-bit operating systems or any version of Windows 7 (for more information, refet to KB15572 - Will NetScreen Remote work on Windows 7?)

The NS-Remote End of Life announcement can be found in the PSN-2009-07-426 Technical Bulletin.  A possible remote VPN alternative is the NCP Secure client; for more information, refer to KB17266 - NCP Secure Client – Juniper Edition (IPsec client) FAQ.


NetScreen-Remote 9.0 (VPN Client only)

Supported Windows Versions:

  • Vista Business 32-bit

  • Vista Enterprise 32-bit

  • Vista Home Premium 32-bit

  • Vista Ultimate 32-bit

  • XP Home and Professional 32-bit

  • 2000 Professional 32-bit

Limitation: For more information, refer to KB10233 - Virtual Adapter support in NetScreen-Remote 9.0 on Vista clients.

Unsupported Versions

There are no plans to support NS-Remote on the following platforms (for EOL information, refer to NS-Remote Software Release Dates and Milestones):

  • Vista 64-bit

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit OS Versions)

  • Windows NT4.0

  • Millennium / Windows ME

  • Windows 98

  • Windows 95

  • Linux

  • Apple/MAC

Note: NetScreen-Remote Security Client is supported only via version 8.8; an NSR 9.0 version will not be available. For EOL information, refer to
NS-Remote Software Release Dates and Milestones. As a workaround, use the NetScreen-Remote VPN Client ver 9.0.

NetScreen-Remote 8.7 and 8.8

Supported Windows Versions:

  • Windows XP Professional; Service Pack 2

  • Windows XP Home

  • Windows 2000 Professional

Unsupported Versions:

  • Any Windows Server platform

  • Windows Vista.  For more information on Vista, refer to the PSN-2006-11-007 Technical Bulletin (login required)

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 95

  • Windows 98

  • Versions 4.00.950 and 950a NT 4.0

  • Linux

  • Apple/MAC

NetScreen-Remote 8.6

The following Operating Systems are supported:

  • Windows NT

  • Windows 2000 Professional

  • Windows XP Professional

NetScreen-Remote version 8.5 or earlier

It can be installed only on the following OS platforms (NetScreen-Remote 8.6 or later cannot be installed on these platforms):  

  • Windows 95

  • Windows 98

  • Windows ME 

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2    (supported with NetScreen-Remote Version 8.5)
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