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[ScreenOS] How to configure VPN on a ScreenOS Firewall device

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Juniper Networks offers a wide range of VPN configuration possibilities, such as Route Based VPN, Policy Based VPN, Dial-up VPN, and L2TP over IPSec.   Start here if you are looking for assistance with configuring a VPN between your Juniper ScreenOS Firewall products or between a ScreenOS Firewall and another vendor's VPN device. 


The links below provide a wide range of articles and documents to help you get started:

  • Configuration KB articles, based on VPN configuration type
  • Overview articles of VPN, NAT, NAT-T, PKI, IPSec, and Dynamic VPNs
  • Step by step configuration examples from the Technical Documentation

There are multiple choices when configuring a VPN with a Juniper Firewall devices.  This article provides links to various articles and documents to help configure your VPN.

Select your VPN configuration type to view a list of available articles:


Firewall LAN-to-LAN Route-Based VPN articles

Firewall LAN-to-LAN Policy-Based VPN articles

Configuring a VPN between a Juniper Firewall device and a 3rd Party Device



Configuring a Juniper Dial-Up / NetScreen-Remote VPN

Configuring PPTP, IPSec Pass-through or L2TP over IPSec solutions on a Juniper Firewall device



Technical Documentation Configuration Examples


ScreenOS  Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide
Volume 5:  Virtual Private Networks

Chapter 4 -- Site-to-Site Virtual Private Networks
Chapter 5 -- Dialup Virtual Private Networks

ScreenOS 6.3:
ScreenOS 6.2:
ScreenOS 6.1:
ScreenOS 5.4: 


VPN Overview Articles

KB4162 VPN Basic Overview
KB4741 NAT-T Overview
KB4102 What is Network Address Translation (NAT)?
KB7884 PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Primer & FAQ with ScreenOS
KB4124 Policy Based VPN vs Route Based VPN
KB4087 What is an IPSec VPN and How Does it Work?
KB4756 What Are the Minimum Requirements for NAT Traversal?
KB5556 VPN Tunnel Types
KB4492 What Is an Unnumbered Tunnel Interface and When Should I Use It?
KB7329 What are the limitations to L2TP over IPSec?
KB7026 ScreenOS5.0.0 Changes/Enhancements regarding VPN functionality




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