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[Archive] Unable to connect SRS to NSM; NSM not listening on port 15403



Article ID: KB8475 KB Last Updated: 13 Aug 2020Version: 6.0

This article discusses the issue of why port 15403 may not be listening on the NSM, and how to correct this.



A NSM (Network and Security Manager) server is already working, and the SRS (Statistical Report Server) is being added.  The guiSvr attempts to connect to the NSM on port 15403.

While reviewing the open and listening services, the NSM reveals that it is not open on port 15403, and hence the SRS server does not connect. This port is only used for the 4.x devices when they connect to the DC (Data Collector).

If the SRS server is unable to connect to the NSM Server, then it is that the MC process, a part of the GUI Server is not able to connect/login to the SRS server.

Also, the NSM will communicate with the SRS via tcp port 5432. NSM will access the database in SRS.

The typical report after installing both the NSM and the SRS on different Solaris boxes is that the SRS admin console fails to connect to guiSvr.  The following error messages are reported:

Cannot connect to GUI Server.
Please make sure the network connection from Statistical Report - Administration Console to GUI Server is up,
and the GUI Server is up.

While checking with both NSM and SRS, all services report running ok.

Checking with netstat, TCP 15403 is not up on guiSvr and all communication using tcp 5432 is not established.

root@nsm:/# netstat -an | grep LIST
*.32768 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.5987 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.898 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.32769 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.5988 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.32770 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.6991 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.7801 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.7800 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.15400 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.11122 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.22 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN

On SRS, srSvr is not connected to srDb as netstat showing there is no tcp 5432 communication established.



Perform the following steps.

  1. Always look for the message "historicalReports connected" in the

  2. Confirm that the DB table name, username, and password is correct setup in both NSM and SRS.  All of this information is "netscreen" by default, except password.

Check the file in NSM, /var/netscreen/GuiSvr/server_table.nml. Here is portion of this file related to SRS communication parameters.

:masterController (
:pro_customer_authenticate ("ZULrkz71yZru")
:mc_smemc_init_debug_on (false)
:mc_smemc_init_info_on (true)
:db_ip_addr ("") <--- This is SRS server
:db_name ("netscreen") <--- Database name
:db_choice ("pgsql")
:db_passwd ("ZULrkz71yZru") <--- DB password. This is "netscreen"
:db_port ("5432") <--- SRS will monitor access via tcp port 5432
:db_user_id ("netscreen") <--- This is DB login name
:mc_smemc_email_enable (false)
:mc_smemc_email_server ("")
:mc_smemc_email_from_id ("")
:mc_smemc_email_to_id ("")
:mc_smemc_interval_dupl_err_msg (10)

Note: It is recommended to use the /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/utils/ to modify the above file.

The Parameters listed above must match with the SRS server; the configuration file in the SRS server is:  /var/netscreen/SrDb/SrDb.cfg.

  1. On the SRS server, confirm the SRS server is monitoring tcp port 5432:

spgsun:/#netstat -a | grep 5432
*.5432 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
*.5432 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32794 49048 0 49352 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32795 48396 0 49640 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32796 49476 0 49132 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32797 49476 0 48865 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32798 49476 0 49132 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32799 49476 0 49132 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32800 49476 0 49132 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32801 49476 0 49132 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32802 49476 0 49132 0 ESTABLISHED
spgsun.5432 spgsun2.32803 49476 0 49132 0 ESTABLISHED
*.5432 *.* 0 0 49152 0 LISTEN
70b3fe18 stream-ord 70b2a570 00000000 /tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432
  1. If the SRS server is installed on Solaris, there is a known problem between PostgreSql and Solaris. Perform the following:

Edit the /var/netscreen/SrDB/data/pg_hba.conf file. Replace the line 5:

host all all password
host all all password

The notation is equivalent to and

The latter is not accepted if DNS is not enabled in the machine.

If you do enable DNS, please try it.

Reboot both devices to ensure everything is clean, and once the DNS issue is sorted out, the connection should be established on TCP 5432.

Only after this TCP 5432 connection is established will NSM start listening on port 15403.


Modification History:
  • 2020-07-24: Removed broken link.

  • 2020-08-13: Marked for archive


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