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[ScreenOS] Juniper ScreenOS Firewall LAN-to-LAN Route Based VPN articles

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The articles listed below will help you get started with configuring your Juniper ScreenOS Firewall device with a Route Based LAN-to-LAN VPN.  (For an explanation of Route-based VPNs vs. Policy-based VPNs, refer to KB4124).


Route Based VPN

Common Configurations

KB14330 (ScreenOS 6.x) Route Based VPN - Both Sides have Static IPs using Pre-shared Keys
KB6334 (ScreenOS 5.x)

KB15075 (ScreenOS 6.x) Route Based VPN - One Side has a Dynamic IP using Pre-shared Keys
KB6335 (ScreenOS 5.x)

KB3418 (ScreenOS 5.x) Hub and Spoke Route-Based VPN

Note:  Configuration Examples in Technical Documentation

ScreenOS  Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide, Volume 5:  Virtual Private Networks

Chapter 4 -- Site-to-Site Virtual Private Networks

"Route-Based Site-to-Site VPN, AutoKey IKE" Example
"Route-Based Site-to-Site VPN, Dynamic Peer" Example
"Route-Based Site-to-Site VPN, Manual Key" Example
"Setting AutoKey IKE Peer with FQDN" Example
"VPN Sites with Overlapping Addresses" Example
ScreenOS 6.3:
ScreenOS 6.2:
ScreenOS 6.1:
ScreenOS 5.4:  


Specific Configurations

KB5346 Configuring Overlapping Subnets for LAN-to-LAN Auto-Key IKE VPN
Application Note Route Based VPN Configurations to Hide the Private IP Behind one Private IP
KB7740 Setting up Interface Failover with Route Based VPN


Routing Configurations

KB7746 Full Mesh Route-Based VPNs with OSPF
KB7691 Configuring Multicast Routing Over IPSEC VPN

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