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[Archive] Configuring a NetScreen-Remote Dial-Up VPN

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The articles listed below will help you get started with configuring a VPN client using NS-Remote.

Dial-up VPN

Common Configurations with NetScreen/SSG/ISG firewalls

(ScreenOS 6.x, policy-based)
  Dial-Up VPN Clients using Pre-shared Keys
(ScreenOS 5.x, policy-based)

(ScreenOS 6.x, policy-based)
(ScreenOS 6.x, route-based)

  Multiple VPN Clients using the same IKE ID(Shared IKE) and XAuth

(ScreenOS 5.x, policy-based)

Note: Configuration Examples in Technical Documentation

ScreenOS  Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide, Volume 5:  Virtual Private Networks

Chapter 5 -- Dialup Virtual Private Networks

    “Policy-Based Dialup VPN, AutoKey IKE” Example
    “Route-Based Dialup VPN, Dynamic Peer” Example
    “Policy-Based Dialup VPN, Dynamic Peer” Example
    “Bidirectional Policies for Dialup VPN Users” Example
    “Group IKE ID with Certificates ” Example
    “Wildcard and Container ASN1-DN IKE ID Types ” Example
    “Creating a Group IKE ID (Certificates) ” Example
    “Setting a Group IKE ID with Preshared Keys" Example
    “Shared IKE ID” Example

ScreenOS 6.3:
ScreenOS 6.2:
ScreenOS 6.1:
ScreenOS 5.4: 

Common Configurations with J-Series devices

KB10177 J Series -- NetScreen-Remote VPN client with Xauth Configuration and Troubleshooting.

For additional Dial-Up VPN configuration assistance, consult one of the following articles:

KB7733 NetScreen-Remote (NSR) Getting Started Guide


KB4182 Configuring the NetScreen-Remote Client to a Juniper Firewall Device VPN with XAuth (without Shared IKE)
KB6642 Configure External Authentication to Microsoft IAS Server
Application Note
KB7304 Configure External Admin Authentication to Microsoft IAS Server
KB4463 (with screenshots)
KB6155 Configuring a Dial-Up VPN to Authenticate via WebAuth
KB6585 Configuring User Authentication for Netscreen Remote dialup VPN clients tunneling to a Netscreen device?
KB5859 Configuring Multiple XAuth Users in a Single Group
KB5831 Authenticate a Remote VPN user with a smart card


KB4775 Dial Up VPN using Certificates
KB7884 PKI Certificates Primer & FAQ with ScreenOS
Application Note JUNOS Enhanced Services IPSec VPN with PKI Certificates Primer


KB4022 How Do I Enable NAT Traversal (NAT-T)?

Specific Configurations

KB6644 Bi-directional Dial-up VPN using NetScreen Remote explained
KB6453 How do I create a Dial Up VPN to a DHCP assigned NetScreen?
KB4386 How Do I Force All Dial-Up VPN Traffic Through the NetScreen Before Going to the Internet?
KB5301 Create VPN to a MIP address
KB5546 Is there a Macintosh Virtual Private Network (VPN) client available?

Note: NetScreen-Remote Technical Documentation

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