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[ScreenOS] What information should I collect for a Site-to-Site VPN that won't come up?

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This article describes the information that should be collected, before a case is opened for a VPN that will not come up. Also, this article describes the logs or files that will assist the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) with troubleshooting a Site-to-Site VPN.

The capturing of logs can be required to further troubleshoot VPN issues. Collecting the information that is listed below will help towards identifying the issue.


After following the procedure in KB9221 - How to Troubleshoot a Site-to-Site VPN that won’t come up and the VPN continues to fail, which logs are needed to further troubleshoot the issue?

The logs that are required to further troubleshoot a VPN issue are as follows:

  • get tech

  • get event

  • get ike cookie

  • get sa

Capture the above information on each Juniper product.

To capture the above mentioned data, perform the following procedure:

  1. Logon to the Juniper device, either by Telnet or a terminal software over the Console port. For assistance, refer to KB6011 - How to Setup a Serial Console Connection to the NetScreen's Communications Port Using Hyperterminal.  

  2. Turn on the text capture feature of your Telnet or terminal software.  For assistance, refer to KB6206 - How do I save the console or screen data from a telnet session? 
  3. Issue the following commands;

    • set console page 0 (this command disables the more option)

    • get tech

    • get ike cookie

    • get sa

    • get event type 536  (this command will capture all the events that are VPN related)

    • set console page 22 (this command will restore the console setting size)

  4. Save the captured data to a file.

When the data has been collected, open a case by either calling Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center at 888-314-JTAC (5822) or login to the Case Management tool via the Juniper support site at Case Management and click the Create a Case link.
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