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[Archive] 2007 Daylight Savings Changes and Support for Juniper Products

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Information is available regarding 2007 Daylight Savings changes and how they affect Juniper products.

Beginning in March, 2007, the rules for moving between Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time within the United States have changed. In prior years, Daylight Savings Time began on the first Sunday in April, and ended on the last Sunday in October.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 causes Daylight Savings Time to be in effect from the second Sunday in March through the first Sunday in November.


Universal Time
A general purpose workaround which may be feasible for some customers is to use a time reference that is not subject to Daylight Saving Time schedules, such as UTC. This is the preferred option for organizations that have devices deployed outside of the United States, as it provides time stamps that are unambiguous in all cases.

Product Bulletins

Juniper's JTAC has issued several Technical Bulletins regarding the 2007 Daylight Savings changes and how to make sure your products are prepared.  You must be logged in to the Juniper website to read these Bulletins.

For JUNOS software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2006-12-027

The time-zone rules supplied with the JUNOS operating system have been updated to reflect this most recent change. With the exception of JUNOS 7.3R3, all versions of JUNOS software built on or after January 18th, 2006 include the updated time-zone rules. This includes JUNOS releases 7.2R4, 7.3R4, 7.4R3, 7.5R2, 7.6R1, 8.0R1, and all subsequent releases.

For JUNOSe software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2006-12-029

The time-zone rules supplied with the JUNOSe operating system have been updated to reflect this most recent change.  The following upcoming versions of JUNOSe software will include the updated time-zone rules: 7-1-5, 7-2-3, 7-3-3, 8-0-1, 8-1-0.

If upgrading software is not a viable option, JUNOSe provides a very convenient and flexible way to manually configure time-zone rules. Enter configuration mode and type the following command:

ERX(config)# clock summer-time EDT recurring 2 Sunday March 2:00 first Sunday November 2:00 60

Replace “EDT” with the appropriate string for your time-zone (i.e. CDT, MDT or PDT).

For JUNOScope software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2007-02-031

For WXOS software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2006-12-021

For ScreenOS software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2006-12-011

For IDP software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2007-03-016

For DXOS software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2007-01-001

For SSL software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2006-12-022

For NSM software:
JTAC Technical Bulletin PSN-2007-01-024

For Steel Belted Radius software:

For Odyssey Access Client software:

If you have additional questions not covered by the information here, you can find more information in our Knowledge Base, our Technical Bulletins, or by requesting support from JTAC.


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