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[Archive] Upgrading from 5.2.0r3 to 5.3.0r6 via WebUI Fails with the error "Shared memory size is too small"

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Trying to upgrade from a patch, based on 5.2.0r3, to 5.3.0 fails and the console connection displays the error message:

Shared memory size (9988000) is too small for file size (10122557)


Unable to upgrade to 5.3.0 from 5.2.0



This is an issue when upgrading from 5.2.0r3 to 5.3.0 using the WebUI.  You will not see this problem if you upgrade via TFTP.

To resolve this problem, first upgrade from 5.2.0r3 (or patch based on r3) to 5.3.0r1.  Then, an upgrade to a later build of ScreenOS 5.3.0 (such as 5.3.0r6) is possible.


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