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When installing the Junos Worldwide version the SSH daemon is not available

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This article describes how after an initial installation or an upgrade by using a Junos Worldwide (export) version, the Secure Shell (SSH) daemon is not found. 
After installing a Junos export version on an M Series or T Series router, the following message appears when trying to commit a configuration that includes SSH service under the system configuration hierarchy.

user@router# commit
[edit system services ssh]
    warning: daemon binary /usr/sbin/sshd not found
commit complete

 When trying to enable SSH version 2 on a J Series or SRX Series device, an error similar to the following can be seen:

      sshd[3238]: fatal: /var/etc/sshd_conf line 1: Bad protocol spec 2



This is expected behavior, as the Junos export version does not include the SSH protocol for M Series and T Series routers. Only J Series and SRX Series devices provide limited SSH support for SSH version 1.

If complete support for SSH is required, a Junos domestic version needs to be installed. Customers must have a valid encryption agreement to download a domestic Junos version.

The domestic version can be downloaded from the link below:


  1. Select the device for which you want to download the Domestic Junos release from the download page link above.

  2. Click on the ‘Software’ TAB and select the Junos Release form the drop down.

  3. Also select the type of Junos release that you wish to download. There are two options available: Junos US/Canada (also called 'Domestic' version) and Junos Worldwide.

After downloading the software, refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide for more information.

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