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How to register the WX Central Management System (CMS) Serial Number?

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Registration of the WX CMS and activation of CMS support certificates use an RTU number, not a serial number or IP address.

  • When attempting to register the Central Management System (CMS) serial number the system does not recognize the IP address as being a valid serial number.

  • How do I register my WX Central Management System (CMS)?

  • I am getting an invalid serial number error message.


To register your WAN Acceleration (WX) CMS product, you will need to use the RTU serial number.  The RTU serial number can be found either on the PDF document that your support certificate came on, or by providing the Juniper Sales Order number to a Customer Care Representative.

Below is a sample RTU serial number from the PDF support certificate document:

Upgrade CMS from 10 devices to 25 devices

Once this serial number has been registered you will then be able to activate your CMS support certificate, if one was purchased.

 To contact Customer care:
 Open a case online by logging into the Case Management tool via the Juniper support site at: Case Management .  Click on the "Create a Case" link.  Then choose the "Customer Care Case" radio button.  OR  Call Customer Care at 1-888-314-5822 (toll free, US & Canada. If outside US or Canada, use a country number listed from one of the regional tabs on

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