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[ScreenOS] What is the difference between a subscription and a perpetual license for Juniper firewalls?

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This article provides information about the difference between a subscription and Perpetual license for Juniper firewalls.

The following topics are addressed:

  • What is a license key?

  • Why is the subscription service not working?

  • Why did the AV, DI service expire?

  • Does the capacity or feature license have to be renewed?

The following types of license keys are available for Juniper firewalls:

  • Perpetual License or Static keys are permanent keys and do not expire. For example, Capacity Increase and Feature Upgrades

  • Subscription keys are annual licenses that have to renewed annually. Juniper offers 1 or 2 year subscriptions; the maximum allowed is 2 years. For example, Antivirus (AV), Deep Inspection (DI), Web Filtering, Anti-Spam, and so on.

The License Subscription chart lists the types of license and subscriptions that are available for a firewall product line.

To generate a License Key, refer to KB9861 - How can I generate a license key for my Juniper Product?

To activate a Subscription, refer to KB9731 - How do I activate a subscription license for my ScreenOS firewall or SRX Series product?

To install the license key, refer to KB5485 - How do I load or upgrade my license key via the WebUI or the Command Line Interface (CLI)?
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