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My license or subscription key is lost, invalid, or expired. What do I do?

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My license or subscription key is lost, invalid, or expired.
  • Firewall
  • WX
  • DX
  • IDP
  • DI (Deep Inspection)
  • AV (Anti-Virus)
  • URL Filtering

Symptoms & Errors:
  • Recently upgraded or downgraded and now the key does not work
  • Receiving an invalid key error
  • Lab or demo key expired
  • Subscription is expired or is about to expire
  • Updates are failing

Use the following table for assistance with issues related to expired or expiring License, Subscription, or Evaluation /Lab keys:

 Firewall License vs Subscription KB9740 - Differences between a Subscription and a License
Subscriptions KB3730 - Retrieve Subscriptions Now' Downloads an Expired License Key to my Firewall
AV key KB6874 - I just received my firewall but AV won't work. I thought there was a temporary AV key loaded on the device?
 WX / DX   KB9860 - My Wan Acceleration (WX) License Key expired
  KB9872 - DX license key is either Lost, Invalid, or Expired

For additional assistance consult:

KB9861 - How can I generate a license key for my Juniper Product?

KB9917 - I received my Juniper product. How do I register, activate a contract, and generate a license key or subscription?


Please visit our Support Web site to Contact Support 

When contacting Customer Care for License or Subscription issues, include the following:

  • Platform
  • Device Serial Number
  • Version of Software installed  (if upgrading, include both the current and upgrade version)
  • Purchase Order or Sales Order (for lost key issues)
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