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Router shows a negative time value in "commit confirmed will be rolled back" banner message.

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After a JUNOS Software upgrade the router displays the message: # commit confirmed will be rolled back in -x minutes.

After a JUNOS software upgrade or a configuration change that involves the system compress-configuration-files statement, a message similar to the below is displayed above every CLI prompt:

    # commit confirmed will be rolled back in -584519 minutes

A previously issued commit confirmed is not confirmed or cleared by the subsequently issued commit that involves a change of the system compress-configuration-files configuration statement .


The problem is reported in PR/72075.
As the system doesn't confirm or clear the rollback, the above mentioned warning is displayed on every CLI operation.

To clear the message, login as user root and delete the file /config/juniper.conf.unconfirmed.gz as shown in below example.

    root@hostname> file delete /config/juniper.conf.unconfirmed.gz

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