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NSRP Resolution Guide -- How to configure NSRP and test failover condition

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This article will help with NSRP configuration and failover testing.  Follow the steps until the problem is resolved or a case needs to be opened with JTAC (Juniper Technical Assistance Center).
NSRP Resolution Guide -- How to configure NSRP and test failover condition

To see an overview of the NSRP Resolution guides:   
NSRP (High Availability) Resolution Guides

For assistance with configuring an NSRP, follow the steps below:  To view the flowchart for these steps, select:  KB9809 Flowchart

Step one   Are all the minimum Hardware and Software requirements met? For information on the minimum requirements, consult: KB11432 - What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for NSRP?.

  • Yes - Continue with Step 2
  • No  - Resolve any deficiencies with the requirements.

Step2  Are you configuring NSRP or NSRP Lite? NSRP Lite is available on NetScreen-5GT and 25/50 series products. For additional information, consult: KB7047 - What is NSRP-Lite?.

  • NSRP Lite - Continue with Step 3
  • NSRP  - Skip to Step 4

Step3  Are you configuring NSRP Lite on a NetScreen-5GT or NetScreen 25/50?

Step4  Are you configuring NSRP Active/Passive or Active/Active?

Step5  Is a Dynamic Routing protocol running on the firewall?

Once this configuration step is complete, continue with Step 6.

Step6  Do you have the interfaces designated for HA and assigned to the HA zone?  For more information, consult: KB11296 - Assigning ports or interfaces for the HA link (NSRP).

  • Yes - Continue with Step 7
  • No  - For assistance with assigning an interface, consult: KB11296.

Step7   Did you enter the minimum NSRP configuration options? For assistance, consult: KB6015 - What is minimum configuration to get NSRP cluster working.

  • Yes - Continue with Step 8
  • No  - Configure the minimum NSRP parameters.

Step9  Do you want to configure the following additional NSRP configuration options? 

Step9  Did you Sync the configuration between the Master and Backup? For more information, see KB6351 - How do I synchronize configs for NSRP.

  • Yes - Continue with Step 10
  • No  - Synchronize the configuration

Step10  Are the configurations in Sync? For information on how to check, consult KB6359 - How do I check if the Active/Passive NSRP pair configurations are in sync.

Step11  Basic NSRP is complete.  Test a failover condition.  Go to KB9810 - How to test the Active/Passive Failover.

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