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How can I get technical support when I do not have a support contract?

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To open a technical support service request online using MyJuniper Service Request Manager (MYJ-SRM), you must have a valid support contract. Juniper Networks offers several options for non-contracted customers. 



Symptoms & Errors:

  • Can't open a technical support service request.

  • Error: Please enter a valid serial number. A valid serial number is required to open a technical service request. You can open an Admin service request by selecting Service Request Type: Admin Service Request. Admin service requests do not require a serial number to be entered.

  • I do not have an active support contract.

To check if Product has an active support contract please go to Juniper Networks Support site Serial Number Entitlement Tool .



Customers who do not have a valid contract for their product have five (5) options.

Option 1: If you do not have a reseller, contact Juniper Networks Inside Sales or submit the "How to Buy" form. The Inside Sales team will help identify a local reseller who can help you obtain a service contract, or you can choose a local reseller via Partner Locator.

Option 2: Contact your reseller and begin the contract renewal process.

Option 3: Work with the Juniper Renewals Desk.

Option 4: Search the Knowledge Base for written articles relating to your issue.

Option 5: Use the J-NET Discussion Forum to search for existing conversations regarding your issue, or post a new question.


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