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[Junos] Perpetual license - Generate and Install

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This article describes how to generate and install perpetual (permanent) license keys for Juniper products.

For Juniper devices using a subscription license, or for non-Junos licenses, refer to:


My license key order has completed, and I have received an Authorization Code document for generating a license key for a Juniper product running Junos OS. How do I generate and install my perpetual (permanent) license?


To generate and install a perpetual (permanent) license on a Juniper device running Junos OS, follow these steps.

  1. Complete Requirements
  2. Generate License
  3. Install License

Step 1 - 

To generate a license key, you will need the following:

  • An account to access the Customer Support Center or Partner Center. If you do not have an account, go to: Create User Account

  • The Product Serial Number.

  • The Juniper Authorization Code Certificate. This information is sent via email after the license is purchased. The Authorization Code is a 16 character code; it also contains an Authorization Code Serial Number. This is NOT the same as the Product Serial Number.

    Sample Authorization Code Certificate

Step 2 -

  1. Go to Manage Product Licenses. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in with a Juniper user account. If you do not have a user account, use the Create User Account tool.
  2. Select the appropriate Product Line from the drop down menu (on the Generate Licenses tab), and click Go.

  3. Enter the Product Serial Number and Authorization Code, along with any other required information, and click Generate.

    Note: The Serial Number listed in the Juniper Authorization Code Certificate is not the Product Serial Number. It is the Authorization Code Serial Number. Do not enter the Authorization Code Serial Number.

  4. Confirm the license information. Then click Generate License.

  5. Click the 'Download/E-mail' link to download or e-mail the generated licenses.

  6. Choose the file format: Text file or Microsoft Excel file. Most people choose text.

  7. Choose a delivery method: Download to your computer or e-mail. Most people use e-mail.

  8. Click OK. The Mail Confirmation screen appears. Confirm your information.

  9. Check your e-mail to locate the delivered license(s).

Step 3 -

Installing a license is documented here: Adding New Licenses (CLI Procedure).


  1. With the license key available, log in to the console of the Junos OS device.

  2. Run the following operational mode command:

    root> request system license add terminal

  3. Paste the license key from your e-mail and press Enter.

  4. Type Ctrl+D. The license key is added.

  5. Run the following operational mode command to verify:

    root> show system license

Important: If your router has dual routing engines or Graceful Routing Engine Switchover (GRES) enabled, refer to Adding New Licenses (CLI Procedure) for additional instructions.


Evaluation and Trial Keys: Consult KB15670 - What temporary license key options are available for Juniper products?

Possible errors while generating a license:

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