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The Knowledge Search Subscription service provides notifications on software and hardware updates, new software releases, security alerts, End-of-Life announcements, and Customer Support Center (CSC) News and announcements. Customers and partners can log in and change their notification preferences at any time.

This article provides instructions on how to create, renew, and cancel a subscription.

  • I would like to receive notifications for:
    • Software and/or hardware updates
    • End of Life Products
    • New Software Releases
    • Technical Bulletins
    • Security Alerts
    • CSC news
    • New KB articles
  • How do I change my current preferences?
  • How do I unsubscribe?

Juniper's Knowledge Search Subscription feature allows you to receive an email digest about new and updated content for the following content sources:

  • Knowledge Base (KB) –Troubleshooting articles, Data collection references, and Resolution Guides.
  • News – Updates and changes to the Knowledge Center.
  • Security Advisories (JSA) - Security vulnerability notices.
  • Technical Bulletins (TSB) - Product Support, Software Release, and Product Change notifications.
  • Technotes (TN) - Application notes

Note: Problem Report (PR) Search subscriptions are separate and are available on the Problem Report Search page.


For an overview of how to subscribe, change, and unsubscribe, refer to Knowledge Search Subscriptions How-to [PDF].

Creating and Managing Subscriptions Tool

The Knowledge Search Subscription tool is located here: Manage My Subscriptions (login required).  The link for this tool is also available in the Knowledge Center login box, after you log in.

Subscription Levels:

Subscriptions can be created at the following levels:

  • Content Source (ex: Knowledge Base, Technical Bulletins): This is the widest subscription type. You will receive mail about any updates to all content in the selected Content Source.
  • Technology Group (ex: Junos Platforms, Security Products): A notification will be sent if any updates are made to articles for the products in the selected Group(s).
  • Product Series (ex: SRX Series, Junos Space): A notification will be sent if any updates are made to articles in the selected Product Series.
  • Individual Articles (ex: KB23343, TN8847): This is the most narrow subscription type. You will receive mail about any updates to the selected Article.

Subscribe/Copy a Subscription:

  • To create a subscription to a Content Source, Technology Groups, or Product Series, simply select the Source from the pull-down menu and then click "Go". Select the items you want to receive notifications for and then click “Save Subscriptions”.
  • To copy a new Source Subscription, while creating the new subscription, select one of the available Sources listed at the top, make all your selections, and then click “Save Subscriptions”.
  • To copy an existing Source subscription to another Source, click “Edit” on the existing subscription you want to copy, select from one of the available Sources listed at the top, and then click “Save Subscriptions”.
  • To create a subscription to an individual article, go to the article page and click the "Subscribe" option located in the toolbox.
Change/Renew/Cancel a Subscription:
  • To Change a Source Subscription, click "Edit". Make the necessary changes and then click “Save Subscription”.
  • To Renew a Source or Article Subscription, select “Renew” **
  • To Unsubscribe/Cancel a Source or Article Subscription, select “Unsubscribe”. For Security Advisories and Technical Bulletins, use Opt Out to be removed from the notification list.
** All subscriptions will automatically expire after 180 days, except for Security Advisory and Technical Bulletin subscriptions, which never expire.

Security Advisories - by default, all users without an existing security subscription are subscribed to ALL Security Advisories

  • Use Opt Out to unsubscribe.
  • To make changes to the default Security Advisories, Opt Out and then create a new Security Advisory subscription using the Subscribe process listed above.

Additional Information:

Tips on finding content:
  • When searching for a version string, add quotes around the version. Example, enter: Junos “16.1R2”
  • To locate End of Life technical bulletins, enter EOL in the search box and select the Technical Bulletin source. The search engine will look for all content containing the phrase “EOL” or “End of Life”. From here you can filter by product.
  • To locate legacy PSN, SRN, or PCN content, enter the legacy ID in the Knowledge Center search box.  Example, enter:  "SRN-2013-07-980"
  • To browse all Technical Bulletins by product, go to "Browse All" and select the Technical Bulletin tab. From there you can filter the results by product.

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