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How to: Juniper Networks Product Registration and Install Base Management

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This article provides information on how to manage and maintain an accurate Install Base for your Juniper Networks products. Maintaining an accurate Install Base will ensure that our Self-Service Tools such as MyJuniper reflect your product details correctly. It will also enable Juniper to stock accurate spares inventory allowing us to meet delivery SLA in the event of any RMA requests. 

Important Note:

Juniper Networks auto registers newly purchased products based on the end customer information provided at the point of sale. Providing accurate end customer name and address details to Juniper at the point of sale is paramount to ensuring accurate product registration from the outset. Accuracy of install base location and system configuration remains the sole responsibility of the Partner or customer. Juniper Networks will not be held accountable for RMA hardware delivery delays on products which do not have an accurate install base record.

The Juniper Partner or End User is required to validate accuracy and submit a request to update the install base records if there is any add, change or move to a products install base information.

RMA Note:  No action is needed to register or activate support on an RMA replacement device. Juniper will automatically transfer the registration details from your defective product to the replacement.  Validation of Install Base accuracy is once again advised to ensure our records are maintained accurately.

I would like to perform one of the following activities.

  • Validate the Registration details of my Juniper product(s)

  • Update the physical 'Installed At' location of my product(s)

  • Update the hardware configuration of my product(s)

  • Register a HW upgrade for my product(s)

  • Register a product which shipped prior to June 1st 2017.



To validate your product is correctly registered: 

Use the Serial Number Entitlement Tool to validate your product is registered with the correct install location (in the City, State, and Country columns). For more information, see KB9807 - How do I use the Serial Number Entitlement Tool.

You may also login to MyJuniper to view detailed Product, Service Contract & Service Request (Case) information relating to your associated company account(s).

To update the 'Installed at' location or hardware configuration of your product(s):

If your product(s) install location and / or hardware configuration requires an update, then kindly use the Update Install Base Tool. You may also use this tool to report hardware model upgrades which require a change in our Install Base records.

For more information, see KB10740 - Update Install Location or System Configuration of Juniper Products.

To register your product(s): 

Important Note: Manual Product Registration is only required for products which were purchased and shipped prior to June 1st 2017. Juniper auto register all products based on the End Customer name and address details provided at the point of sale. It is therefore of the up most importance to provide accurate Company Name and Installed At Address details when submitting a PO for the purchase of product.

The sole exception is when Juniper Networks does not receive accurate point of sale End Customer information. In such instances, Juniper will not auto register the product(s); the registration process will remain the partners / customers responsibility to do so. Consult the following steps to validate and update your products current registration details.


  1. Go to Product Subscription Registration Tool.

    If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login to the Juniper Support site. If you do not have a user account, use the Create User Account tool.

  2. Select the appropriate tool and enter all the required information:

  3. On the subsequent page, select the physical install location of your product to complete the registration.

    Registration details will be displayed on the web page and a confirmation sent to your e-mail address.

For additional assistance or if you have any questions relating to Install Base Management, please contact Customer Care.

Spanish version, see: KB16824

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