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Create New User Login Account with Juniper Networks

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This article provides instructions for creating a new user login account to access the Customer Support Center (CSC) or Partner Center.

  • Want to gain access to the Juniper Networks tools and resources as a support customer and/or Authorized Juniper Partner
  • Want access to exclusive information and resources in the Juniper Networks Customer Support Center (CSC) and Partner Center
  • Want to gain access to EngNet, vLabs & other JCL tools

To create a new customer or partner login account, review the requirements and follow the steps below.


  1. The user account must be your company’s main email address, i.e.,
    Note: Juniper Networks accepts public email domains (Hotmail, Gmail etc.) for Guest User account creation only.

  2. In order to gain access to the Juniper Networks Customer Support or Partner Support Center a user login account is required. It is highly recommended to use your individual company email address which will then become your personal User ID for login purposes.
    Note: Juniper Networks restricts the use of group email aliases for access to software downloads and other areas of our portal

  3. Juniper Authorized Partner applicants must complete the partner center application and approval process and must be global trade compliant. Visit the Partner Center for details. 

Step 1: Eligibility

  1. Access the create user account tool Create User Account. Complete the 'account setup' items, and then click Next.

  2. In the Email Address field, provide your company email address. This will become the User ID for your account. If your company already has an existing profile with Juniper, skip to Step 2.

    Note: If you enter a public domain email address, such as or, a disclaimer regarding the account declined status will be displayed.

  3. Select the appropriate option for your user account (see below); and then click Next.

    Tip: Hover over the contextual help question marks to get a description of each type of user credential.

    If you are setting up a guest user type of profile and you would like to access the EngNet, vLabs & other JCL tools, you may tick the box and your account will have permission to log into Juniper vLabs (BETA)


Step 2: Account Creation

  1. If you selected the 'Cloud Marketplace or Cloud Service Provider credentials' option in Step 1, then select your Cloud Provider Information; otherwise, proceed to Step B.

    After you select your Cloud Service Provider, enter your Cloud Marketplace credentials; and then click Next. An example is shown below:

  2. Complete the 'Personal Information' along with your company address location, then click Next.

    Note: To speed up the approval process by the Juniper Networks compliance team, it is imperative to input correct information, complete address and active contact number for the account.

Step 3: Encryption Agreement

Juniper Networks is required by federal law to obtain your acceptance of the Encryption Agreement in order to download software for your Juniper products. If this is not relevant to your company select “I Disagree” which will allow you to proceed to the final step. 

Note: Cloud Marketplace users will not be presented with this step.

Step 4: Confirmation

The account is created and will be pending approval with the Juniper Compliance team. Once the account is approved, an email notification will be sent with a security key with which you need to establish a password for your new account. Please note that the security key expires in 3 days.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How do you add a new user to an existing account?

    Contact Customer Care with the following information of the user that needs an account:

    • First and last name
    • Company name
    • Work E-mail address
    • Full company mailing address including Street, City, State, Country and Postal Code
    • Phone number
  • In Step 1 of the tool, there are four radio button options to select, what is the difference between them?  

    • Use an Authorization Code: If an authorization code has been provided by Juniper or your company, then you may enter it. This will ensure your login is linked to the existing company profile and will also provide the same access rights and privileges as your colleagues who are linked to the profile. Please note that only some companies have a profile or company Authorization Code setup in the database.

    • Use a Product Serial Number or Software Support Reference Number: Enter your Juniper Product Serial Number or Software Support Reference Number (SSRN) in order to validate your user registration request. This may be any product Serial Number, either software or hardware, which has been purchased and is owned by your company. For assistance in locating your Product Serial Number or SSRN, please refer to KB11364.

    • Use your Cloud Marketplace or Cloud Service Provider credentials: Select this option if you have purchased a Pay As You Go (PAYG) hourly or yearly product from a Cloud Marketplace. This will provide you with limited access to the Customer Support Center and Web Case Manager, based on the criteria outlined by your cloud provider.

      Note: If you have purchased a product license key directly from Juniper Networks (Bring Your Own License), use the Product Serial Number or Software Support Reference Number option.

    • Guest User Access: Select this option in order to create a Guest user account. Your access will be restricted only to documentation and the J-Net community forums.


Getting Help:

Additional help can be obtained by visiting LOGIN ASSISTANCE for additional documentation, Customer Care phone numbers, and an online Customer Care Help Ticket form.

Standard turn-around time is within 24 hours from submission.

Modification History:

2019-03-28: added vLab information
2018-10-18: Fixed typo's.
2018-08-22: Added security validity which is 3 days.
2017-10-13: Updated link for Login Assistance.

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