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My email bounces and I get an email error when I reply to a Service Request note

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Customers can update their Service Request notes through the online MYJ-SRM (My Juniper Service Request Manager) tool or by replying to a Service Request note email.

However, replying to the wrong support email address or using an email address that is not correctly linked with the call tracking system can result in a "bounced" email or a system email error.

This article gives reasons for such an email to bounce and for the system email error.


  • Customers replying to a Service Request note update email receive a mail delivery error; the email bounces back.

  • I am unable to update a Service Request. I have tried to update a Service Request and it has bounced back.



There are a couple of reasons for an update to a Service Request to bounce back.

Reason 1: Replying to the wrong Service Request update email message

There are two types of email messages that are sent out from Juniper Networks support.

  • Emails from "support" - Ok to use. The contents of the email will be posted to your Service Request.

  • Emails from "websupport" - Do not use for Service Request note reply messages. Email responses by using this address will be returned with an email error.   

If you did not receive a Service Request update from "support,"  log in to the Juniper Networks MYJ-SRM (My Juniper Service Request Manager) tool and update the Service Request manually.


Reason 2: Copying or replying to a Service Request note by using an email address that is different than the one the account Service Request was created with

You may receive this error for any of the following reasons.

  • The email address that is in our database is not the email address being used.

  • You may have another account with a different email address but the same phone number, which conflicts in our database as well.

  • You may have different email addresses that you use in order to update the Service Request. 

For further assistance, contact Customer Care.


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2018-12-21: Updated article to reflect information that is current, up-to-date, and valid


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