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Branch SRX Active/Passive Cluster Implementation and Configuration Guides

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The following documents provides a guide for implementing the branch SRX Series chassis cluster feature, while reviewing design considerations for the solution. Chassis clustering on the high-end SRX Series platforms is outside the scope of this document (details can be found in the Junos OS Security Configuration Guide or TN10). While IPsec is implemented as part of the solution, security concepts such as policies, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and unified threat management (UTM) are not covered in this document.

These documents are intended for network design and security engineers, as well as implementation partners supporting customers requiring secure branch office connectivity.

Branch SRX Active/Passive Cluster Implementation Guide [PDF]

Configuring Chassis Clusters on Branch SRX Series Services Gateways and J Series Services Routers [PDF]

SRX, SRX240, Chassis Clustering, High Availability
STE (Service Technology Engineering)