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NGEN MVPN with P2MP LSP Implementation Guide

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NGEN MVPN, which is based on these drafts, adopted two important properties of unicast BGP/MPLS VPNs:
BGP protocol distributes all the necessary routing information to enable VPN multicast service. This allows Service • Providers to leverage their knowledge and investment in managing BGP/MPLS VPN unicast service to offer VPN multicast services.

Control plane independence from forwarding plane is provided (as required by RFC4834). This allows the separation • of the control and data plane protocols and makes it easier to leverage newer transport technologies such as MPLS in delivering multicast VPN service.

The configurations presented in this document are targeted for service providers and large enterprise networks. More specifically, the configurations used to leverage and enhance existing unicast Layer 3 VPN 2547bis service offering to offer multicast service using the same MPLS data plane and BGP control plane architecture. This reduces the operational expenses of using the same technology used to offer for both unicast and multicast services over the same infrastructure.

NGEN MVPN witith P2MP LSP Implementation Guide
Multicast VPN, P2MP, MVPN
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