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Routing Engine (RE) that is shipped as spares might have pre-installed Junos software that does not meet the minimum software requirement of Enhanced MX SCB (SCBE-MX-S)

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
RE-S-1300-2048, RE-S-2000-4096, RE-S-1800x2-8G, RE-S-1800x2-16G, RE-S-1800x2-16G, RE-S-1800x4-16G
Alert Description:
The software installed on Routing Engines which are shipped as spares or replacements might not support the Enhanced MX SCB, and may not be able to function properly.

The Enhanced MX SCB is supported only in Junos OS Release 11.4 or later.
The software installed on these Routing Engines needs to be updated when used on MX platform with SCBE

 Upgrade the software installed on these Routing Engines when used with Enhanced MX SCB using one of these upgrade methods:
  • Install an appropriate release of Junos OS software using the installation media (i.e. install-media*) OR
  • Copy Junos OS software packages across the network from a host which is reachable via the management Ethernet port and upgrade OR
  • Insert the routing engine in another router (which does not have Enhanced SCB), install an appropriate release of Junos OS software, and then reinsert the RE on the system with SCBE.
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