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Upgrade issue with Junos Space 13.3R1.3 when the Network Monitoring DB is larger than 5GB

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
Junos Space, JA1500 Appliance, Virtual Appliance
Alert Description:
Upgrade to Junos Space 13.3R1.3 may fail if the Network Monitoring DB is larger than 5GB.

If you have already successfully upgraded to 13.3R1.3, this issue does not affect you.
Clean install of 13.3R1.3 also does not have this issue.

This issue is being investigated and will be fixed as soon as a solution is verified.

To find the size of the DB you can run the command at the CLI:
du -sh /var/lib/pgsql/9.1/data    
(9.1 is the version of DB and may be different on your system)

If the DB size is larger than 5GB, please hold off upgrading at this time.
Juniper is preparing a new version which will address this issue.

If you have already attempted the upgrade and the upgrade failed, please open a JTAC case.

If the upgrade to 13.3R1.3 was successful, this issue does not affect you.
After the successful upgrade, the Network Monitoring DB may grow larger than 5GB without issue.
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