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Routing Engine (RE) may fail to power up correctly.

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
MX480 with 2 SCB-MX960, or 2 SCBE-MX, or 2 SCBE2-MX installed
MX960 with 3 SCB-MX960, or 3 SCBE-MX, or 3 SCBE2-MX installed
EX9200 with 2 or 3 EX9200-SF installed
SRX5K with 2 or 3 SRX5K-SCB installed
Alert Description:
An RE in SCB0 slot may fail to power up correctly when installed with an affected component, and might identify itself as an "M40" or "Olive". The following error messages will also be seen:

ERROR: routing engine slot identification failed
ERROR: ACB FPGA not configured

This issue is tracked by PR/1065424.
The root-cause of this issue has been identified as a system power up sequence of power entry module (PEM)0 follow by PEM1 when a system is installed with affected FRUs.
This issue can be safely worked around by changing the order of the PEMs to be powered on. Restart the device by first switching the circuit breaker to the on position on the PEM1 and the PEM3, and then switching the circuit breaker to the on position on the PEM0 and the PEM2.

This issue does not happen at warm restart, or when all the PEMs are switched on at the same time.

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