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Specific Junos OS versions may fill their storage media and/or experience extended periods of High CPU utilization, possibly impacting performance and transit traffic.

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PSN - Product Support Notification
Alert Description:

THIS IS AN URGENT ISSUE AND IMMEDIATE ACTION MUST BE TAKEN on all devices running any of the Junos releases indicated below AND running a version of AI-Scripts less than version 4.1R7.  Such devices must be upgraded to AI-Scripts 4.1R7 or later.

Specific Junos OS versions have an issue which can prevent files from being deleted on the filesystem once created. The versions of Junos OS that are susceptible to this issue are listed below.

Devices running AI-Scripts earlier than version 4.1R7 are likely to run out of storage space because AI-Scripts create many temporary files which cannot be subsequently deleted.  Additionally, even if storage space is not fully consumed, it is possible that AI-Scripts will stop capturing device events due to reduced available storage space.  Finally, such devices might also exhibit extended periods of High CPU utilization.

Junos OS versions affected:

Platform Version
ACX 12.2R7
ACX 12.3R6
EX 11.4R11
EX 12.1R9
EX 12.2R7
EX 12.3R6
EX9200 13.2R3
EX9200 13.3R1
J 11.4R11
J 12.1X44-D30
J 12.1X45-D20
J 12.1X46-D15
LN 12.1X44-D30
LN 12.1X45-D20
LN 12.1X46-D15
M 11.4R11
M 12.1R9
M 12.2R7
M 12.3R6
M 13.2R3
M 13.3R1
MX 11.4R11
MX 12.1R9
MX 12.2R7
MX 12.3R6
MX 13.2R3
MX 13.3R1
PTX 12.3R6
PTX 13.2R3
PTX 13.3R1
SRX 11.4R11
SRX 12.1X44-D30
SRX 12.1X45-D20
SRX 12.1X47-D10
SRX 12.1X46-D15
T-series 11.4R11
T-series 12.1R9
T-series 12.2R7
T-series 12.3R6
T-series 13.1R4
T-series 13.2R3
T-series 13.3R1

Affected systems should be upgraded to use AI-Scripts 4.1R7 or later as an effective stop-gap.  This should prevent the storage space and CPU issues.  The Junos defect is resolved in all currently available Junos releases.

Details of the issue can be found here: PRSearch PR975873

A temporary workaround is to periodically delete files in /var/tmp directory as the "root" user.
As an example:
cli> start shell user root
# cd /var/tmp
# rm *_ais_*
# exit

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