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Junos OS designated as Domestic version is now available to worldwide customers

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
acx-series m-series mx-series t-series tx-series txp-series Junos OS release 14.2 or earlier
Alert Description:

This notification is applicable to Junos OS release 14.2 or earlier for ACX series, M series, MX series, T series, TX series, TXP series, and PTX series.

As a general rule Junos OS designated as "domestic" version is now available for worldwide usage, subject to applicable export restrictions under US and EU laws.

Countries where importation, internal use or internal distribution controls have been imposed on products with encryption capabilities similar to the platforms listed above running Junos “domestic version.” Among those countries are Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. If the domestic version of Junos is downloaded to any such countries, local country license requirements may apply.

Furthermore, because of the import licensing requirements, Juniper will not ship any of the above platforms with Junos Domestic version installed if the known destination is Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Instead, the so-called “export” or “worldwide” versions of Junos will be installed on these units before shipment.

For these countries, "export" version of Junos OS must be used.

Worldwide customers will be downloading "domestic" designated Junos OS when download software from

Replacement units shipping from our logistic depots may have combinations of "domestic" or "export" software loaded.  

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2018-01-22:  Updated URL in solution.
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