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New EX8200 linecards require newer Junos software to boot successfully

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Alert Type:
PSN - Product Support Notification
Product Affected:
EX8200-40XS-ES 750-036593 REV12 or later
EX8200-48F-ES 750-047322 REV03 or later
EX8200-8XS-ES 750-047323 REV03 or later
EX8200-48T-ES 750-047324 REV03 or later
EX8200-40XS 750-046751 REV06 or later
EX8200-48T 750-047327 REV03 or later
EX8200-8XS 750-047326 REV03 or later
EX8200-48F 750-047325 REV03 or later
Alert Description:
New shipments of EX8200 line cards that occur after August 7th, 2015 will have the hardware revisions listed above and will require newer Junos software to boot successfully. These linecards will not boot up when inserted in a chassis running versions older than the ones mentioned below. Also, RMA replacements for EX8200 line cards may also have newer hardware revisions which would also require newer Junos software.

The linecards will have a tag on them indicating this minimum software requirement as below:

This issue is being tracked by PR1102648. A link to the PR via PR Search Tool can be found under Related Links at the bottom of this page.
 EX8200 customers planning on using the new linecards are recommended to upgrade to:
  • 12.3R10-S1
  • 13.2X50
  • 13.2X51
  • 14.1X53 or later release.

Please see TSB16774 for links to EX8200/XRE200 12.3R10-S1 software image download links:
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