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Releasing Junos 15.1F4.15 JSDN package - OVSDB support ONLY

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Alert Type:
SRN - Software Release Notification
Product Affected:
MX-Series EX-Series
Alert Description:

Junos JSDN version 15.1F4.15 is available to be used for OVSDB. For detail information about OVSDB features, please consult the OVSDB section of 15.1F4's release note.

Please note that Junos 15.1F4.15 JSDN package does not support Openflow. The Openflow funtionality will be available in subsequence maintenance software release of 15.1F4 JSDN software package.

 For more information about OVSDB, please consult the software download page at the following URL:
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